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Miza Security Screens Products

At Miza Security, we offer the highest quality Security Screens for your home or commercial shop display.

Our Security Screens are supplied to us by Prowler Proof®, who are industry leaders in home and commercial security solutions. Their range of window screens and security door are long-lasting and provide powerful protection against intruders.

Keep Pests and Intruders Out with Security Screens

The Prowler Proof® range of screens and doors offer superior strength and security for your home or shop display. Their screens are made from 316 Marine Grade stainless steel, which can withstand high-force impacts and punctures from sharp objects.

Each screen is resistant to corrosion build-up, which makes them ideal for residents who live or work near coastal regions. They’re also heat resistant and can improve your home’s indoor insulation.

Whether you’re looking for insect screens, Security Screens or window screens; Prowler Proof® offers plenty of variety for any property.

Welded Security Screens by Prowler Proof®


Prowler Proof® is a proud Australian provider of Diamond designs, Insect screens and advanced Uv-resistant screens. While most conventional screens are held together with bolts or screws, Prowler Proof® produce their screens by welding each component together. This achieves a much stronger physical bond, which is further enhanced by the combination of mechanical and chemical bonding agents.

The ForceField and Protec screens are unique to the Prowler Proof® series, due to their Uv-resistant capabilities and anti-corrosive properties. The ForceField range is the most transparent security screen on the market, which allows them to blend seamlessly into any home or front shop display.

Residential Installation and Servicing

We perform installation and maintenance services for all sections of your home, including:

  • Hinged doors and sliding doors
  • Outdoor rooms
  • Patio enclosures
  • Window screens
  • Insect screens

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