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Quality Security Doors Brisbane

Our range of Security Doors Brisbane offers the greatest security, comfort and protection for your home or shop display. We source our products from reputable Australian providers like Prowler Proof®, who manufacture security doors with traditional and contemporary-inspired designs.

Prowler Proof® have an expansive range of home and commercial Security Doors Brisbane. Their Heritage designs are made with rust-free aluminium panels and each contact point is welded together with robotic precision. Their designs are traditionally-inspired, yet made with modern processes and materials. You can enjoy the benefits of a classic look; without sacrificing on build quality or using outdated materials.

For advanced protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, the ForceField series is made from heavy duty aluminium and stainless steel mesh. This helps absorb UV rays and can improve your home’s indoor insulation.

Each Prowler Proof® security door can be personalised to suit your home or front display. Choose from over 150 colours and a variety of welded or Snaplock designs.

Prowler Proof® offers the latest in home and commercial security solutions. Their security doors are made from 316 Marine Grade stainless steel, which is capable of withstanding high-pressure impacts, extreme weather conditions and punctures from sharp objects. Each product has undergone rigorous scientific testing to ensure they match (and exceed) the highest industry standards.

Prowler Proof® Security Doors Brisbane are bonded together with powerful chemical agents; the same kind used on commercial aircraft wings and skyscrapers.

Retail Shops and Front Displays

Miza Home Security regularly perform installations for retail shops and front displays. We work together with business owners and discuss what the most suitable, affordable and convenient security solution is for their business.

Our Fire and Emergency Exit doors are specially made for emergency situations. They feature in-built alarms for alerting staff, customers and surrounding areas.

Residential Installations

Our residential installations are performed by experienced professionals, who install all kinds of security doors. We offer an assortment of stylish and functional doors, which come in traditional Heritage and contemporary styles to suit any household. Our goal is to provide you with the safest security solutions – without compromising your home’s original style or design.

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With our assortment of quality Security Doors Brisbane from Prowler Proof®, we’re confident you can find the right solution for your home or commercial property.

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