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Security sliding doors

Miza Home Security Security sliding doors

Security sliding doors


Miza Security Sliding Doors

Security Sliding Doors are a common staple of almost every Australian home. They create the perfect transition between your indoor entertainment area, patio or backyard. And they provide essential protection from pests, extreme weather conditions and threatening intruders.

But security doesn’t have to come at the cost of stylish design. We have an expansive range of Heritage inspired and contemporary sliding door designs; with enough variety to satisfy any style of home.

Premium Strength Security Sliding Doors

Our sliding door screens are made from 316 Marine Grade stainless steel mesh; the same material used in oil refining equipment. Not only is it tough enough to withstand high winds and punctures from sharp objects, it also offers the greatest resistance to corrosion and rust.

Each sliding door screen undergoes rigorous testing, to ensure it meets (and exceeds) the highest quality standards. These tests include:

  • Knife Shear Test
  • Anti-Jimmy Test
  • Cyclone Screen Test
  • 10, 000 Hour Salt Spray Tests
  • Impact Test

To further enhance the strength of our security screens, each screen is bonded together with powerful chemical agents. These chemical bonding agents are regularly used on commercial aircraft wings and skyscrapers. Imagine what they can do for your home?

Patios and Outdoor Rooms

These entertainment areas are ideal for entertaining guests and having time to yourself. Our Security Sliding Doors offer exceptional security and protection; without compromising on style or taste. Each sliding door comes in a range of traditional and contemporary designs, including Diamond designs, insect screens and lavish Heritage screens. We’re confident you’ll find a style that perfectly matches your home!

Sliding Door Maintenance

If you have an existing sliding door with a broken screen, damaged frame or any other issues, we can replace your old components with brand new ones. Our experienced tradesmen always carry equipment for performing repairs and maintenance jobs. We bring new life to your Security Sliding Doors by replacing:

  • Cracked or torn screens
  • Broken or missing sliding door rollers
  • Loose or damaged frames
  • And much more

Flexible Installation and Service Hours

We understand you’re busy. And that’s why we offer flexible working hours. When you make an appointment with us, we arrange a time that’s suitable for your schedule and availability. Our services operate 7 days a week, so if you need work done on the weekend or after work; we’ll be there to install or service your sliding doors.

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