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Prowler Proof® provides superior welded security screens as Hinged Doors, Sliding Doors and Window Screens to suit your house or business.

Prowler Proof security doors and window screens are Australia's best looking and strongest performing screens.

They are the only security screens manufactured in a fully automated world class factory, delivered to you in the industry's shortest lead time, and backed by a 10 year full replacement warranty.

Fully Tested

Prowler Proof products have undergone more independent testing that any other security screen brand on the market.

Beating burglars

Prowler Proof security products meet or exceed the relevant Australian Standard for security AS5039. The tests included in AS5039 simulate a burglar attack with a knife, a screwdriver, cutting pliers, kicking and pulling.


ForceField has passed the Australian Standards Cyclone Test and the American Standards Hurricane Test. The testing includes a missile test, a ballistics test and a pressure cycle test.  


The Australian Standard for construction of homes in bushfire prone zones is AS 3959. ForceField passes this standard, and some other Prowler Proof products just need the optional stainless steel insect gauze to comply. 


ForceField is one of very few Australian security screens that has been WERS tested for both residential and commercial applications. Depending on application, ForceField reduced solar heat gain and UV light by up to 67%, a WERS 5 star rating. Reduced heat loss was up to 28%, resulting in a WERS 3 star rating. When undergoing the European Standard EN 14501 testing ForceField reduced heat and UV light by 55%. 

Protec reduced solar heat gain and UV light by up to 62%, a WERS 4.5 star rating. Reduced heat loss was up to 18%, resulting in a WERS 2.5 star rating.  

Styles available










Insect Screens

The largest colour selection

It doesn't matter what colour you are after to suit your home. Prowler Proof offer the largest selection of powder coat colours, with over 300 colours to choose from.

Australia's only full replacement warranty

Because of the way they’re constructed, the Prowler Proof warranty is a 10 year Full Replacement warranty. Once constructed, there is no way to pull Prowler Proof products apart. It’s one of the reasons Prowler Proof products are so secure and it’s also the reason that they fully replace the product in the case of a warranty, not try to repair the defective piece. When replacing the product under warranty, accessories such as rollers, hinges and locks also get replaced, so you get an entirely new product. 

No cumbersome cleaning requirements

Prowler Proof have designed and manufacture products that suit Australian conditions. This has allowed them to provide homeowners with simple to follow Care and Maintenance instructions. No matter your location, there are no exclusions for not using specific branded cleaning solutions, and no rigid cleaning schedules that must be followed.

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Check out their CONSUMER BROCHURE with everything you need to know about Prowler Proof products.


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