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What is capitalism? The word inspires a variety of passionate thoughts and opinions, often based on mistakes and examples when a company’s business went wrong. Are companies basically greedy? Is corruption essentially capitalism? What do we need to do to create a just economic system and a prosperous democracy in America?
Although capitalism was created as a fundamental moral institution, there has long been a gap in who it serves and how it benefits the economy and society. When profit becomes a priority for both people and the environment, capitalism can create unexpected problems that threaten companies and their stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, the community, and shareholders.
Fishing with Dynamite is a documentary that explores the controversial history of American business culture. He examines the arguments of two influential theories against equity capitalism and argues that, thanks to the remarkable success stories of target companies (Costco, The Container Store, Whole Foods), all stakeholders need to be taken care of, not the driving value of a single shareholder. in the 21st century.
The film, created in collaboration with Aspiration Entertainment, begins the 40-year-old sale of the largest share capital, claiming that profit is the company’s goal. And it is a revitalization of a stakeholder approach where companies serve the human needs of employees, customers, suppliers, investors, the community and the environment.
Reflecting Capitalism, Profitability and Moral Responsibility – Managers of Container Store Corporations (Melissa Rife and Kip Tyndell), Eastman Chemical (Mark Costa), Lux Lobster (Luke Holden), Whole Foods (John McKee) and Walter Robb and Costoco Warehouse (Jim Senegal). The film features interviews with teachers, writers, and supervisors, including Robert Reich, an economist, professor, writer, and political commentator; Arthur Brooks, former president of the Conservative Think Tank of the American Institute of Entrepreneurship; Jim Collins, author of Good for Big, author of Bethany McLean and R. Darward Freeman in The Smartest Boys, Professor Darden, and father of stakeholder theory.

Fishing with Dynamite 2020