Aluminium Insect Gauze

Durable and suitable for use in bushfire prone areas up to BAL 29. Aperture (hole size) 1.13mm x 1.41mm. Colour: Charcoal

Micro Mesh Gauze

Fibreglass mesh with smaller aperture (hole size) to prevent even the tiniest intruders – 0.94mm x 0.94mm. Colour: Charcoal

Pet Proof Gauze

Vinyl coated polyester mesh ideal for applications where pet claws are a problem. Aperture (hole size) is 1.70mm x 1.10mm. Colour: Charcoal

Privacy Mesh

Provides privacy for those inside the home, as it restricts the view from outside looking in.

Stainless Steel Insect Gauze

Corrosion resistant and suitable for use in bushfire prone areas up to BAL 40. Aperture (hole size) is 1.18mm x 1.36mm. Colour: Black epoxy coated

3 Point Lock

Lockwood is one of the strongest residential hinge door security locks on the market. It’s a 3-point locking system with Kinetic Defence Keying Technology and a 25-year mechanical warranty. AS 5039 requires security doors to have a 3-point locking system with a 5 pin cylinder lock. Available in black.

Single Point Lock

If security is not a priority and you only need a barrier door a 1-point lock is available. Available in black.

SP10 Door Panel

SP10 design. Mid rail required. Drop: Maximum 2106mm, Minimum 2006mm. Width: Maximum 874mm, Minimum 764mm.

SP13AB Door Panel

SP13AB design. Middle spacing: Maximum 175mm. Drop: Maximum 2206mm, Minimum 1934mm. Width: Maximum 924mm, Minimum 754mm.